2 comments on “A POLL for you “Is a hitch pin safe as a recovery point?”

  1. As you mention, the sharp edges are the main concern with a properly fitted and properly made towbar (where the hidden danger really lies in cheaply made towbars). Some hitch pins are located deeper into the bar giving more chance to cutting the strap. As for missiles, it would only be the strap itself being flung back, which can do panel damage or smash a back windscreen. Those recovery hitches with the rated bow shackles would be the perfect implement for snatch recoveries. I also have a pintle hook but there is always only four bolts that attach it to the vehicle and one worries about the damage one of those could do to the stuck vehicle should they come adrift. Never seen it, but up to a dozen bolts in different directions on a Kaymar bar….., no contest in safety there. As for sheared pins, I’d like to see photos.

    • good comments Frazer, 4 M10 HT bolts for the Pintle would mean 40mm of HT steel has to fail I think we are safe. As for cheap or home made bars well we can only try and educate people to the dangers. I never got one picture of a sheared or bent pin so I call Myth. MadMatt.

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