4wd Tips


Snatch Strap Recoveries

Recommended Recovery Equipment to have in your vehicle

  • Rated D Shackles
  • Snatch Strap (Ask at your local 4wd shop for the correct rated strap for your vehicle)
  • Air Damper
  • Tree Trunk Protector
  1. Always recover in straight in a straight line – don’t risk the strap getting cut
  2. Air Damper – put over the middle third of the strap. This is so if the strap breaks the weight will pull the strap to the ground and lessen the chance of the strap flying and hitting someone or something.
  3. Don’t recover from tie down points. They are specifically designed for recoveries
  4. The driver of the vehicle who is stuck is in charge of the recovery – this to ensure the recovery is managed correctly.
  5. Use the CB radio to communicate when you are ready to be snatched.
  6. The vehicle doing the recovery generally needs to be in a higher gear to get enough momentum to recovery the stuck vehicle.


Recoveries are dangerous situations.

Ensure everyone is out of reach of the snatch strap. If the strap breaks it can fly and hit people or go through windows or break things. Before the vehicles start moving, ensure everyone is well out of reach of the snatch strap.

Check out MadMatt’s video to learn more on how to do a safe snatch strap recovery.

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