Toyota Bundera RJ70 1988 The Toy called “Bundy”

I owned my first Toyota Bundera in 1992. This is my 3rd Bundera and I love it! The challenge of driving a short wheel base on very gnarly and technical tracks is so exhilarating. With this Toyota Bundera AKA Bundy I thrive at finding it’s limits.

Engine & Drivetrain

  • Motor: 3.8v6 EcoTec 
  • Gearbox: Toyota R151
  • Transfer Case: Bundera
  • Diffs: Elockers with 5.29 Nitro Diff gears

Suspension & Tyres

  • Shocks: Worn out
  • Springs: Sagged
  • Tyres: Maxxis RAZRs MT 33×12.5×15

Fuel & Water Storage

  • Main Tank 90L

Barwork & Protection

  • Front Bar: MadMatt custom made winch bar 12,000 winch mount
  • Winch: Ridge Rider
  • Rear Bar: MadMatt custom made rear bar
  • MadMatt custom made steel flares
  • MadMatt custom made Rock Sliders


  • Lights: Ultra Vision NitroMaxx 180s Widr
  • Fridge: not yet
  • Dual Battery system to run the 1000W inverter to charge camera batteries
  • Comms: Oricom DTX4200 Duel Receive
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Toyota Bundera AKA Bundy Gallery

Photos of my much favoured Bundera.