Ford F250 – 2002 SpaceCab for towing duties

After selling up in Sydney and deciding to live in a Caravan for a while, we really needed to buy a vehicle that could handle the towing duties better than the 105 Landcruiser. So the search began for the F250 or Effie as we’re starting to call her. 

Engine & Drivetrain

  • Motor: MWM Sprinter 4.2 Turbo Diesel
  • Turbo: Stock but wound up to 22PSI
  • Gearbox: 5 Speed Manual

Suspension & Tyres

  • Shocks: ToughDog big bore adjustable. It has 4 shocks on the rear.
  • Springs: ToughDog 4″ 500KG heavy duty.
  • Tyres: Maxxis RAZRs M/T 315/75-16

Fuel & Water Storage

  • Main 144L Tank
  • 100L under tray water tank.

Barwork & Protection

  • Front Bar: Unknown but it’s a Beast
  • Winch: Unknown
  • Rear Tray: Custom made by previous owner.


  • Lights: LED upgraded headlights. Unknown Brand
  • Fridge: 2 Brass monkey console fridges between front seats
  • Under Tray second battery
  • 240W solar on roof of rear cab.
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