Fixing Stuff Videos from MadMatt

At MadMatt 4WD, we’ve done thousands of winch recoveries over the years. Here’s a few of our latest videos on winching techniques, winch maintenance tips and winching gear.

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Wheel bearings – Why I use oil instead of grease!

Why did I stop using grease in my wheel bearings? A number of years ago I got sick of grease not properly lubricating my wheel bearings so I made a simple modification so I can now run them in oil. In this video I show you how I did it [...]

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Wheel bearings why oil is better than grease! FOLLOW UP

The time has come to open up my wheel bearing and see how they have gone with using oil in them and NOT grease!

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Upgrade of My Rear Axle Hub Drive Studs on my 80 series Landcruiser

After my axle hub drive studs final failed I decided on an upgrade. Here is how I am going about it!

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How a Starter Motor Solenoid works, take a look inside!

MadMatt’s Tips on How a Starter Motor Solenoid works! I pull it apart and show you the workings of it!

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Whats wrong with your 4×4 CV joint and axle

How do you know if you should change the axle in your 4wd? I have a bit of a look and share some thoughts on some fail points and solutions with a CV and axle shaft.

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What does a Spindle Bush do plus tips about it? Shown on my Toyota 4×4 80 series

Have a look at some inside information about why your wheel bearings aren’t doing their job and how water can get in and rust out the bearings.

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How to Pack/Grease Wheel Bearings – Two methods

Here’s a couple of different ways to pack 4wd wheel bearings.

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Changing Diff MadMatt’s solution!

Changing your diff oil – see MadMatt’s solution! Check out my handy home made device!!! I also give some tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way.

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