How to attach WINCH ROPE to the WINCH DRUM using a Red Winch Plasma Lock

Here is the trick about how to attach a WINCH ROPE to the WINCH DRUM to make sure the winch rope stays connected to where it should be.

It’s a Plasma Lock as Red Winch calls them, and is designed to secure the rope to the winch drum. The normal terminals on the end of a winch rope are very light-duty and will fail if any force is applied to them. The Plasma Lock makes sure you maintain a minimum number of turns on your winch drum at all times. In this video, I show you how to install a Plasma Lock to your winch.

In the interests of disclosure, I don’t make any commission on the sale of the Plasma lock. To support my channel see the comment further down about A247. To get yours in Australia go to Road Runner Offroad. The rest of the world can go to Red Winches. And Nicks Facebook page is called Off Road Recovery Group.

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