How to join two Snatch Straps together

How to join two snatch straps together see how MadMatt does it!…..and a trick so you can get them apart after the recovery.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to join two snatch straps together. But I’m also going to show you how to make your own tool so that you make sure that the straps don’t become one solid knot.
So let’s start by showing you how to make a tool that you would want to use if you’re going to join to snatch straps together. Now you may already have heard about and know how to join to snatch straps together, and you’ve always heard that you use a piece of an old newspaper or an old magazine, well they don’t exist for the most part anymore. So they’re kind of irrelevant. I’ve heard people talk about using a piece of dowel, like one inch or inch and a half timber dowel, or even a bit of PVC pipe.

I don’t really like those two options, the dowel and the pipe, PVC pipe, because they have mass, and if something were to fail in our recovery during the kinetic recovery, that can be an issue. It might damage our vehicle. It’s probably not going to kill anybody or hurt anybody really badly, but it might. So I would rather do something that’s even safer again. Now this is something that you can do yourself. I believe you can buy a product that does this, but hey, if you’ve got an old snatch strap lying around, or a strap of any type, you can make this tool yourself.
So let me show you, I’m going to make you one now out of a snatch strap, that’s pretty well destroyed. So, see this section of the snatch strap here, where it’s all doubled over and nice and solid. We’re going to use that when we join the two snatch straps together, and I’m going to show you how to join them together in a second.

So, put me goggles on so I can see. I’m going to use my grinder and I’m going to cut just this side of the stitching up here. Now you can use a Stanley knife, I’ve got one there. I like this one.
Okay. Now, because I was getting it nice and hot, intentionally, that’s basically cauterized itself. So that’ll stop any fraying and stuff like that. All right. See that. It’s all plastic melted you. You can go and use a flame or something or a heat gun and do that yourself. All right. We’ll just cut this side off.
Don’t need that no more. There we go. Great little tool for joining snatch straps together. Okay. Let me get some gear out of the way, and I’ll show you how to join two snatch straps together. So I’ve got two straps here. Now, I’ve got them bunched up like this purely because we’re doing this video and I hope it’s an easier way to show you how to join them together. And the other thing is, it’s kind of nice that these two straps have the different colors. Okay. So one’s red, one’s green.
So what you do, lay your straps out like this. All right, take the green strap, feed it through the red strep. Come down this end. Take the red strap and feed it through the green strap. The opposite way to what we did that end. Okay? See that. Green went through red, red went through green. Right. Now, we’ve just got to bring the straps eyes together. So, to there and then back this way. Okay. Now, we’re ending up with the strap correctly connected.

Now, I’m going to sit down again. There are other ways to do this, but I’m showing you this way because I think it’s the easiest way to get it right, if you’ve never done it before. Okay? So there are ways you can do it with the straps all rolled up, but this works and this way you get it right. Okay. There is a wrong way to join straps. I’ll show you that in a second too.
So now we’ve got these two straps. They physically cannot come apart. Okay? Now I’ve done a video where I had this so tight that I needed to use a technique to undo it because I didn’t use this tool. That was intentional doing that video, and I’ll link that video above if you want to see it,

and the technique to get them undone. So if I was to snatch on that, it’s not coming apart, but it is going to be a knot that is very hard to undo, and that’s where the tool comes in. So we take our tool and just feed that through there. Now, when I snatch on that, this tool is going to keep that from locking up and becoming an undoable knot. How does that sound? Okay? So that’s a nice, simple way to join snatch straps together.
Oh, stuff it. Everybody’s wrong. You are smart enough to understand how to join straps together another way. In fact, this is the way I do it when I’m out on the tracks, just purely because it’s quite quick, I think, and simple. But there is an important step to it, that is why I didn’t show in that first set. So get your two straps, take one of them, it doesn’t matter which one, and feed it through the eye and then get the other end of it and feed it back through the eye again. Okay? So it’s choked, and then just pull it all the way through like this.
Okay. And you end up with this scenario here. Okay. Now this is the bit that you’ve got to make sure you do. The eyelet will now be inside out. See it’s twisted here. So you’ve just got to make sure that you twist that, that way. Okay. So that the eyelet sits nice and flat. See that. That’s the way I tend to join my straps together, if I have to do it out there. And then take that tool and there you go, we’re joined together.
So I find that quicker and easier for the most part than the whole laying them out and so on, like I did first. But I do it that first way because it’s easy to visually understand, so that you end up with the absolute, correct knot. Anyway, I hope that helped.
All right. Let’s get back into the video. Let me show you how you don’t join snatch straps together. Just quickly get these parted out again. Mrs. Mad Matt’s standing on the job here. Okay. What you will see people do, because they don’t understand how to lay it out like I just did, and they know about this. I’ve seen people do this. They’ll take a strap and they’ll feed that through there, and they’ll get their bit of dowel or PVC and they’ll hook it up like that. It looks correct, but it ain’t. That’s absolutely useless here. It’s not going to work at all. The moment you pull on it, this strap is just going to fold this, and they’re going to come apart. Okay. So just be aware of that.
Lay them out like I just did then and put them together. Make yourself a tool like that, or if you can find where to buy one, buy one. And there you go.
So, that’s how you can join two snatch straps together. I hope that’s been helpful. I hope you’ve learned something and I’d love it if you’d hit that subscribe button and hit the bell, and give us in the comments down below your thoughts on joining straps together. Where have you done it? Where have you not done it? What do you think about this technique? Do you have some other ideas? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
Now, when would you join two snatch straps together? For example, you’ve got two vehicles a lot further apart and you need to extend the straps, obviously. Okay. There might be a massive bog hole that you’ve got to reach out into. The caution you need to be aware of, is a snatch strap, in it’s standard configuration, will stretch around about 18 to 20%. So a nine meter strap becomes around about a 10 meter strap when it’s at full stretch. So when you put two straps together, you double that. So you’re going to generate a lot more stretch, which is actually a really nice thing. Understand though, you don’t actually generate any more energy. The potential energy that that vehicle can create is defined by its mass and its traction, and having more snatch straps doesn’t actually give you any more of that. It just makes it more stretchy. So just understand that principle. There’s a whole heap more we could go into and that’s outside of the scope of this video.

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